Eugenio Mirti_ “Zen#4”

Kim & Huge Duo_”Norwegian Wood”

Kim & Huge Duo_”Space Oddity”

Robobop Live at Mad Dog: Nardis (click to Soundcloud!)

ROPA11_ “London’s Diary”

YEMANJA_”Live In Rivoli: Nem Nada+Berimbao”

Ropa11_”My Favorite Things”

BB duo_ “Going Once”

Minneapolis Electric Sheep_ “Purple Rain”

Minneapolis Electric Sheep_ “Strada Statale 28”

Minneapolis Electric Sheep_ “Alphabet Street”

Kim & Huge Duo_”Rocket Man”

Kim & Huge Duo_”Drive My Car”

Kim & Huge Duo_”Summertime”



-London’s Diary (From “Amazing Stories”) – 2010 London’s Diary

-Pygmy Twylyte (From “Amazing Stories”) – 2010 Pygmy Twylyite

-Vacuum (From “Amazing Stories”) – 2010 Vacuum

-My Favorite Things (From “Amazing Stories”) – 2010 My Favorite Things

-Deira (From “Amazing Stories”) – 2010 Deira

-Mandalay Bay (From “Amazing Stories”) – 2010 mandalay bay

-Eternal Hate (From “Amazing Stories”) – 2010 eternal hate

-Riders On The Storm (From “Amazing Stories”) – 2010 riders on the storm

-And So Do I(From “Amazing Stories”) – 2010 and so do I

-Cristallo (From “Amazing Stories”) – 2010 cristallo

-November In Vegas (From “Amazing Stories”) – 2010 november in Vegas

-Hoover Dam (From “Mark III”) – 2008  Hoover Dam

>Eugenio Mirti Trio

-La chitarra di Luigi (From “Il piccolo Uragano”) – 2005 la chitarra di Luigi

>BB Duo

–  My Funny Valentine (Unreleased) – 2008 my funny valentine

– Going Once (Unreleased) – 2008 going once

– In A Sentimental Mood (unreleased) – 2008 in a sentimental mood



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